Thursday, August 03, 2017

MrMaldives 2017

Bodybuilding and Fitness Physique Competition Result Sheet
National Art Gallery, Maale Maldives. Aug 3rd.

Spoerts Physique Competition

165 cm < Category
Mohamed Moosa [5]             1st place
Naushad Naseer [2]              2nd Place
Azneen Rashad [13]              3rd place
Ali Ilham [3]
Ibrahim Shafiu [4]
Ahmed Saleem[1]

166 cm and above Category
Falih Mohamed [6]                          1st Place
Faisal Najeeb [8]                             2nd Place
Ahmed Rif’aan Rasheed [7]             3rd Place
Ali Gassan Mohamed [9]
Ahmed Mauz [10]
Ali yoosuf Abdulla [12]
Atheegurrahman Ali [11]

Sports Physique Overall Winner
Falih Mohamed [6]                 Winner
Mohamed Moosa [5]             2nd place

BodyBuilding Competition

Light Weight Category
Shaheen Ibrahim Didi [16]   1st Place
Ahmed Fazeel [15]                  2nd Place
Mohamed Ali [14]                    3rd Place

Middle Weight Category
Mohamed Ibrahim [17]                            1st Place
Mohamed Nahyan Khan [19]               2nd Place
Nihad Rasheed [18]                                 3rd Place
Mohamed Abdul Rahman [20]

Heavy Weight Category
MohamedYameen [22]                          1st Place
Giyas Ibrahim [21]                                    2nd Place

BodyBuilding Overall Winner
Mohamed Yameen [22]                          MrMaldives 2017 Winner
Shaheen Ibrahim Didi [16]                    2nd Place and Best Poser

2. Mohamed Nazeeh
3. Ahmed Lizam
4. Mohamed Afrah Khaleel
5. Abdulla Zahir
6. Hassan Nisham
7. Abdulla Athif
8. Ali Rifau
9. Ali Shareef

Sira Waheed